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Secuiesc Salami with Ham

Boneless pork grammon, lard, salt, natural spices. Natural inedible membrane.

Outlaw's Salami

Pork gammon, salt, natural spices. Do not contain added natrium sodiu. Artificial inedible membran!

Oven Baked Roulade

Boneless pork breast, salt, natural spices. product obtained by baking, tyed traditionaly with string.

Porc Secuiesc Roulade

Porc meat, porc chop, salt, natural spices.product obtained by baking, tyed traditionaly with string.

Grill Sausages

Porc, salt, natural spices. Smoked raw product. Natural membrane.

Wild Salami

Deer meat, wild pig meat, porc meat, salt, natural spices. Boiled and double smoked product. Artificial inedible membrane.
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About Us
"The Taste of Tradition!"
The company S.C. AUTHENTIC MEAT S.R.L. was established according to the managing director's vision by a young generation, in order to market a new category of meat products which distinguishes itself though the preparation method, smoking method, presentation, namely: traditional goods. This segment of the food products is rising, and the consumers demands are turning increasingly to this category of products.

The chance was given by renting a location which used to operate as a meat processing unit. The equipment and the technological process were given in principle, they only had to be adapted to the technology used in traditional products, and new spaces needed to be crated such as the cold-smoking unit which is particularly specific to this technology. The production staff is specialized in this field and has accrued experience, while the young generation is specializing at the job.

The vision was proven efficient, and a diverse range of products was developed: smoked salamis and sausages, smoked specialities, oven-baked specialities, head cheeses and pates, rolls, season products: black pudding, liver pudding, boiled salamis, pork products, the mangalica species, mixed meat sausage paste, all with a traditional note both in terms of processing and smoking, and the packaging.

The products are sold either through distribution in specialized vans directly to the consumers, on markets and occasional fairs, or in proprietary shops such as those in: Gheorgheni, Miercurea Ciuc, Sf. Gheorghe, or they are ordered by companies across the country with stores specialized in this type of goods. The experience accrued confirms that these products are demanded by the consumers, their quality is much appreciated, feed-back is quick, directly to the serving personnel or through the specialized websites available. The registration and certification process for goods manufactured as traditional goods is underway, and when it is completed, the products will gain a higher "symbolic" value.
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