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Secuiesc Salami with Ham

Boneless pork grammon, lard, salt, natural spices. Natural inedible membrane.

Outlaw's Salami

Pork gammon, salt, natural spices. Do not contain added natrium sodiu. Artificial inedible membran!

Oven Baked Roulade

Boneless pork breast, salt, natural spices. product obtained by baking, tyed traditionaly with string.

Porc Secuiesc Roulade

Porc meat, porc chop, salt, natural spices.product obtained by baking, tyed traditionaly with string.

Grill Sausages

Porc, salt, natural spices. Smoked raw product. Natural membrane.

Wild Salami

Deer meat, wild pig meat, porc meat, salt, natural spices. Boiled and double smoked product. Artificial inedible membrane.
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