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Secuiesc Salami with Ham

Boneless pork grammon, lard, salt, natural spices. Natural inedible membrane.

Outlaw's Salami

Pork gammon, salt, natural spices. Do not contain added natrium sodiu. Artificial inedible membran!

Oven Baked Roulade

Boneless pork breast, salt, natural spices. product obtained by baking, tyed traditionaly with string.

Porc Secuiesc Roulade

Porc meat, porc chop, salt, natural spices.product obtained by baking, tyed traditionaly with string.

Grill Sausages

Porc, salt, natural spices. Smoked raw product. Natural membrane.

Wild Salami

Deer meat, wild pig meat, porc meat, salt, natural spices. Boiled and double smoked product. Artificial inedible membrane.
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"The Taste of Tradition!"
Whenever I recall the tradition of pig slaughter from childhood, I feel full of joy. I remember that we used to prepare (the meet) for several days, so that the family could later enjoy he goodies for half a year.

In those days, yougs and elders from each family gathered and shared one of the ancient traditions of the region. Although these traditions have become lately increasingly rare, everyone speaks fondly about those tasty homemade products.

In the winter of 2012, we have decided to bring back the traditional food from the past, under the brand name Szekelyfat, for you and your family.

Using pigs bought from local farmers, we prepare products based on the recipes we learned from our great-grandparents and grandparents, from black pudding an liver pudding through head cheese and sausages to smoked lard, roll and ham...

Apart from the local traditions, we also had your health in mind and we elimante everything generally marked with E (flavor enhancers) letters on the tags.

We would be ever so grateful if you helped us with your opinions, proposal and requests about extending our product range. Please feel free to contact us anytime! Let s work as a team: you imagine it and we will make it happen for you. The numerous positive feedbacks we receive every day from you are the fruits of our labor.
Here are some comments:

Gyöngyvér Molnár

I wish I would always have the money to buy your products. Congrats!!

Judit Fülöp

When we visit Gheorgheni, we surely make time for buying these traditional goodies. You should buy too, it is worth it, you'll see that everything is so tasty!
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